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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cows, Cows and Questions Answered

A couple years ago while enjoying a quilt retreat weekend in Red Lodge, Montana several of us purchased a Buggy Barn pattern book and fabric kit to make a “When The Cows Come Home” quilt.  Buggy Barn patterns are unique in that nothing has to really fit or match up.  This particular pattern has many, many pieces—did I say many, many pieces for each block.  The pieces are sewn together then any excess is just whacked—so each “cow” is unique.  When I saw the sample quilt I knew immediately who was going to receive this one when it was finished.

Well—my sister-in-law Vicky was thrilled—her birthday is today and the quilt came in the mail on Monday.  She and my brother live on our grandfather’s farm in Arkansas and raise cows—appropriate!



Cindy P—yes, we use Canadian pharmacies all the time!  Canada  Your physician must either fax the order to them or you must send them your actual written prescription.  You can go to the website and see what your particular medication will cost in Canada.  Shipping is free and usually doesn’t take long.  We found Canadian medications to cost one third to one half what the same medication costs here in the US. 

Kim Har—how do I hang quilts—well first you have to attach a “sleeve” like the one shown in this photo:

DSCN3460-001I make the sleeve to fit the rod I am going to use to hang the quilt—as you can see, this rod is much smaller than the sleeve but it still works.  I am using this rod:

The directions which came with the rod stated to make a full sleeve the width of your quilt top and snap the black rod holder over the fabric of the sleeve—that doesn’t work as you can see in these photos—see how it puckers the top edge above the hanging clip.


Other versions of this quilt hanger have you make a split sleeve with room for the hanging clip to just clip on the rod and not the sleeve—so that’s what I did today, I took the binding and sleeve off, cut out a section, re-hemmed the edges and hand sewed all the edges to the quilt back. 

DSCN3462DSCN3463Much better

All edges of your sleeve must be sewn down to the quilt back—otherwise your sleeve hangs above your quilt—not a good look!  Does that all make sense Kim—or clear as mud??

Still rather warm here—cooler days are coming—at least that’s what the weather man says????

Monday, October 24, 2016

Doors, Flu Shots, Haircut

You are all probably weary of my bragging about the cowboy’s talents—but look what he made:

DSCN3448He made the door and all the hardware.  Here’s a couple “before” bathroom photos:

DSCN3445It’s a tiny bathroom—5 feet by 8 feet!  The toilet is behind that door so you must enter the bathroom and close the door to find the toilet.

DSCN3447There, you can see the edge of the toilet behind the door and you can see there’s not much room between the door edge and the vanity.  Now, it looks like this--

DSCN3449Much better—we have to buy some door handles and today he installed the lower hardware.  Not only does it look great but it works!

Today was flu shot day—we used the clinic in Congress and killed a bunch of trees judging from the amount of paperwork we had to complete—next time I’m going to Safeway!  We are firm believers in flu shots—when I traveled frequently via airplanes—I was sick all the time with a cold which of course I would then share with Michael.  A flight attendant heard me hacking and coughing one evening.  She told me “it makes no sense but if you will get a flu shot, you won’t get sick so often.”  Well—she was right! 

And poor little Emmi got a haircut today—I do it myself and today was experiencing extreme regret!  She has always been difficult to groom but today Ms. Emmi was on a tear—it’s not the greatest job I’ve ever done but at least she is cooler.

DSCN3442Pre-haircut with her new ball.

DSCN3454Sunset Sunday night.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Good Friends And Quilts

Friday evening we enjoyed having our friends over for burgers and brats with the brats coming all the way from Montana and Pioneer Meats.  Jim and Ellie, Mike and Pat along with their guests JRoger and Susan plus Larry and Geri joined us for a fabulous potluck dinner.  The conversations and laughter flowed—it was a great evening!  When Jim and Ellie have visited us in Montana, Jim loved the Pioneer Meats brats—so before we left Montana we stocked the motorhome freezer!

As you readers are aware we had one t00 many OHV rigs—a Polaris RZR and a Can-Am Commander.  The plan was—bring the RZR to Arizona and attempt to let someone take it off our hands at the end of the season.  Well, that plan went out the window and the RZR went out the door today.  Smile  Now the cowboy is plotting his return to Montana!

Today Michael worked on the hardware for the master bath sliding barn door.  I sanded the actual door giving it another coat of polyurethane.  Had to make a trip to Wickenburg for more polyutrethane.

I am researching Los Algodones dentists—anyone out there have any recommendations?  The people we met while ATVing near Blanding this past spring used Dr. Rubio and his group of dentists—I’m leaning that way as both Mike and Eileen had extensive work and are very pleased.

I finished a quilt binding today and the quilt adds some color to our naked walls--

DSCN3436And Mr. Turkey is hanging also—I love this quilt, it’s one of my favorites from over the years.


Walks, walks with the dog, visiting with neighbors—that’s what’s happening around here.  We did enjoy another Congress Mercantile pizza tonight!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

First ATV Ride Of The Season

It’s been a little too warm for ATVing at least in my book but we were all getting antsy! Winking smileSo, today it was breakfast in Yarnell where it’s a little cooler.  It takes about a hour and fifteen minutes to reach the Ranch House Restaurant from North Ranch on ATVs.

IMG_5660IMG_5665Until I uploaded this photo to the computer, I hadn’t notice the witch at the top of the light pole! SmileTis the season I guess!

Back home we both spent some time cooling off as by the time we were back at North Ranch it was a toasty 88 degrees!  I’m doing some paperwork for Nat with the Veterans Administration and it works my brain to its capacity!!!

I am officially unpacked—when we arrived a week ago lots of stuff was just dumped in the office/sewing room.  Today was organization day and I was successful—now I can find something—I hope!

IMG_5667IMG_5668As I was sitting in my chair typing this blog a very healthy looking coyote strolled by the fence—the windows in front of my chair have screens, thus the poor quality photo.

Check this out—because this little girl’s Mom and Dad have decided to move to Germany—really the USAF decided it for them—she has to have a passport.  I’m thinking she really doesn’t like to have her photo taken!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life Is Busy

Monday was the first homeowner’s association meeting of the season—I am the secretary and was a touch overwhelmed at this busy meeting.  Our yearly election is held in February and there are many tasks which must be completed before then—many which fall under my list.

In the afternoon Geri and I attended a fashion show of Cabi clothing—fun and entertaining—beautiful stuff but a touch expensive. 

We’ve been taking short walks in the mornings before it gets too warm—don’t want to run into any more snakes!  After our walk we drove to Wickenburg—first stop was a garden center/nursery for some shrubs to plant along side the house where we removed the large trees last year.  A stop at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store netted us a power cord and a “looks brand new, never used” angel food cake pan.Smile

We enjoyed lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, stopped at the hardware and grocery stores then headed home so Michael could assemble his new toy!!

Many, many years ago in another life Michael installed those huge flying saucer sized satellite dishes.  The man is talented, I am telling you!  His mother decided she wanted one of those satellite dishes—they lived on the ranch where TV reception was non-existent.  Joy told Michael if he would learn how to install and service the satellite dishes, she would front the money to set him up in business.

When we first married and would be driving around the county, he would point and say, “I installed that dish….I installed that dish…..”  He did very well financially with that little side business.  Well, technology moves on.  Michael then contracted with our local telephone co-op to install and service the smaller dishes of todays’ technology.  With these dishes one of the job perks was free programming. 

A few years pass and Wal Mart as well as other big box stores start selling the small satellite dishes and Michael’s side career in that technology ended.  We came home one evening, turned on the TV and found a message scrolling across the screen which ended our free programming.  The cowboy said, “I’m not paying for TV.”  Without a satellite dish of some sort, TV reception at our house is also non-existent.  So, for the last 15 to 18 years we have had no TV at home.  In the motorhome we occasionally pick up over the air channels but not at home in Montana.

OK—now for the power cord and Michael’s new toy—our friends Mike and Pat were selling a large TV—they purchased a new, bigger one.  They included a sound bar with the deal but couldn’t locate the power cord for it—Re-Store to the rescue!  So, we go from no TV to purchasing a normal size TV from Tom and Sandy last season, to this nice, huge one with great sound—the cowboy is thrilled.  We receive a large number of over the air TV channels and he’s happy!

Our friends Bonnie and Robert are here briefly getting their park model/lot ready to sell—they bought a house here in North Ranch late last spring.  We enjoyed a happy hour this afternoon with them plus Larry and Geri—Bonnie and Robert will return after Thanksgiving.

See—we are busy—and now I have shrubs to plant! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weeds, Friends and Happy Anniversary

Yesterday and today I slaved away in the hot sun putting to death our newest crop of weeds which grew while we were way.  Actually, we didn’t have a lot of weeds but enough to make sweat!  Today I added tree trimming to my list of duties—the yard looks great!  Michael puttered in the garage.

Larry and Geri rolled in to North Ranch about 10:30 yesterday morning—it was great to see them!  And as it was their travel day I made us all a spectacular dinner—pork tenderloin in a newly discoverd marinade, Pioneer Woman smashed potatoes, green beans and the Montana Grizzly Bar famous dessert—ice cream balls rolled in tiny chocolate chips drizzled with raspberry sauce.  

Before, during and after dinner we talked and talked—catching up after a few months apart—they became first time grandparents this summer.  It was probably about 8pm when Larry and Geri walked home—they only live a couple doors down the street—and my phone beeped with a text message.  OH MY—a rattlesnake was stretched across their driveway and Larry almost stepped on the dang thing—it was a big guy with lots of rattles.  Seems that’s not the first rattlesnake seen in the park lately.  Every stick I saw today was a snake!!!

Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary—pretty good for a marriage lots of people said wouldn’t last—we were too different—raised in the country turned city girl marries a cowboy.  Michael makes me happy—we have our ups and downs as do most married people but he’s still the right one for me!

Sunset in the desert--


Friday, October 14, 2016


Unloading the motorhome that is!!  We arrived at North Ranch about 4:30 Thursday afternoon and it was a touch warm.  Pizza from our favorite Congress pizza place for supper and we unloaded just enough stuff for the night.  I went to bed dreading the task of unloading all that stuff I knew I had packed but by 5pm today it was all in the house and most was stored away.  I even made a quick trip to the Congress post office to get our mail forwarding sorted and a trip to Wickenburg to send a package. 

You have to love Amazon—Michael gave me a Nikon point and shoot camera for my birthday in September.  My Canon was having some issues—the flash didn’t work and neither did the macro function.  I wasn’t happy with the Nikon—I always felt the photos I took were not clear—I sent Amazon a return request and today the camera was shipped back to the seller.  Thank you Amazon!

DSCN3413So that’s how they do Google Maps street view—this guy pulled up beside us Thursday at a scenic overlook.

The moon is gorgeous tonight—Emmi and I took a walk in the desert after the sun went down.


Our house looked great—no issues except a few weeds in the yard—it’s good to be back!